Sally Morrinson's Book on Candida Albicans and MS and Keeping to a GF Diet

Sally Morrinson's Book on Candida Albicans and MS and Keeping to a GF Diet

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I recently finished reading Sally Morrinson’s book Candida Albicans and Multiple Sclerosis, which I read avidly! What an amazing woman!

In 1985 after being given two types of antibiotics for a sore throat causing ‘pseudo membranous colitis’, Sally developed a yeast infection: Candida Albicans which lead to MS. Over the next 10 years her eye sight and muscles deteriorated until she became blind, partially deaf and totally crippled.

She discovered that by keeping to a strict diet she managed to bring herself back to life. She eliminated ‘yeast feeding’ foods from her diet such as sugar, yeast and gluten. Being on a gluten free diet helped her enormously as gluten sticks to the lining of the bowel and provides a home for the nasty organism to live in.

She recommends the Glebe Farm Foods flours and mixes; firstly as a good gluten free flour and secondly, as she writes, it is important to avoid tapioca flour (p137 of Sally’s book). Glebe Farm Foods flours do not contain tapioca flour.

She has written this book in the hope that it will help anyone suffering from a Candida Albicans related illness based on her own observations and experiences. Its a bargain for £10 for a downloadable book and there are over 100 recipes in the book to aid recovery.

I will be trying some of Sally’s recipes very soon!

~ Rebecca Rayner

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