The Norfolk Gluten Free Company

Louisa Kiddell who runs The Norfolk Gluten Free Company has pioneered to create The Gluten Free Shop at Hellesdon Barns, Norwich, with her partner Tony. http://norfolkglutenfree.co.uk/ Louisa began by baking gluten free cakes for farmers markets back in 2011, and now strictly follows a gluten free diet after the diagnosis of several family members with […]

New Barkat Gluten Free Corn Based Breakfast Cereals

Here at Glebe Farm Foods as you know we like to offer our gluten free on-line customers a good range of gluten free breakfast cereals. Those customers who cannot tolerate gluten free oats could consider our latest offerings. Ellis and Richard Ward from Barkat, Gluten Free Foods have launched Gluten Free Chocolate Cornflakes and Chocolate […]

Sally Morrinson's Book on Candida Albicans and MS and Keeping to a GF Diet

I recently finished reading Sally Morrinson’s book Candida Albicans and Multiple Sclerosis, which I read avidly! What an amazing woman! In 1985 after being given two types of antibiotics for a sore throat causing ‘pseudo membranous colitis’, Sally developed a yeast infection: Candida Albicans which lead to MS. Over the next 10 years her eye sight […]

Different Types of Oats

Gluten free versus normal oatsAll pure oats are gluten free ie they can be tested with the ELISA test to be tested to be <20ppm. However, in reality, oats are usually grown after a previous crop of wheat or barley as these are more profitable to the average UK cereal farmer. Unfortunately the previous crop […]

Pets With Intolerances

Ever wondered why your moggy has bald patches in its fur or keeps scratching its back under the kitchen table till the skin is raw? Your dog certainly can be intolerant to its food – may be gluten or cereals, or surroundings like pollen could be to blame. A colleague found that her dog continued […]

Moving on up!

Hello! Welcome to our new website. Previously we were hosted over at www.glebe-flour.co.uk, back in the days where we were only producing organic flour that was the perfect website address. But since those days we have been pushing the boundaries in terms of gluten free and developing products that give our customers their gluten freedom. So […]

More Pathfinders deep underground!

We have just found another Pathfinder WW2 airplane in our fields. That is the fourth! So far we have now found a Wellington, a Sterling, a Mosquito and a US Meteor. The Pathfinder gluten free beer is named after the local WW2 Pathfinder Force. The ‘PATHFINDER’ beer is now available at OCADO and in Dobbies […]

Pathfinder Weekend at RAF Wyton 2015

The Pathfinder Memorial Weekend was held on 15-16th August. It is an annual event whereby Pathfinders war veterans, who fought in World War II are invited to RAF Wyton.  We were lucky enough to have 13 Pathfinders join us this year. The day entailed a reception at the Sergeant’s Mess to reunite families, then a […]