Our Process

We are market leaders in gluten-free farming, meticulously overseeing the whole process from seed to finished product. This includes farming, milling, manufacturing, testing and distribution. It’s all gluten-free.

Seed Purity

Total purity starts with the seed. We control the location and rotation of the seeds, and fields, to ensure they have no trace of wheat, barley, or rye. We understand the process that must be carried out and have full crop traceability.

Dedicated Gluten-Free Handling

Our entire farm is dedicated to gluten-free. From the fields to the combine harvesters, from the trailers to the stores. It’s all governed by gluten-free.

Dedicated Gluten-Free Transport & Distribution

Our vehicles only carry gluten-free. This avoids any cross contamination.

Positive release elisa tested <5 ppm

To ensure full traceability and that our customers can prove Gluten Free purity to anyone. We provide R5 ELISA Tests to <5ppm.

Dedicated Gluten Free Oat Mills

Our mill and all the oat handling equipment only run Gluten Free oats. We do not run Gluten Free oats only on ‘special days’ – we run everyday. We improve every day too and have a culture of ‘high purity’ amongst our staff.

Pure process tests <2 ppm

Oat grains are tested every tonne to ensure there are no wheat or barley grains in 1kg. We do this twice during the process. At this stage we know we are far better than the gluten free specification demands. Our long term average is better than 100 or 1000x the 20ppm spec.