Same Farm Freshness, Brand New Look

Same Farm Freshness, Brand New Look

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Whilst we are sure it is common knowledge by now, we’d like to share our triumph one more time. Last year we faced a David & Goliath battle, that saw us come face to face with Oatly. The Judge dismissed the case in our favour, but it did get us thinking… there was an opportunity for us to shout from the top of our oat-milk tanks about what makes our PureOaty oat milks unique – and our packaging wasn’t helping us tell the story.

We’re proud that our PureOaty products are grown, milled, and made in Britain and always guaranteed 100% gluten-free. Especially important in an oat drink market dominated by overseas products and high carbon-footprints.

This led us to creating and now (excitedly!) rolling our new packaging for PureOaty ‘Barista’. The new pack still contains the same much-loved recipe but has undergone a fresh makeover. For sustainability reasons, you may still find our traditional blue pack dotted around until they all run out – we will never get rid of perfectly good products just because they’re wearing last season’s designs!

Our new PureOaty ‘Barista’ will feature a QR Code (how fancy!), which will direct you to the independently conducted sustainability report. Sustainability is of great importance to us at Glebe, and we’d love to share will you all how we are making a conscious effort to be more green*

*Disclaimer: greener with our ethics, not our milks… green milk should NEVER be consumed!

We’re well on our way to being carbon-neutral and hope to be net zero in the next 5 years. We generate our own renewable energy, with rock-bottom food miles – yet another great reason to choose PureOaty.

We’d also love to announce the newest addition…PureOaty ‘Creamy & Enriched’

The PureOaty family is expanding to include the new PureOaty ‘Creamy & Enriched’; fortified with added vitamins and calcium to give you an added boost to start your morning (and perfect for supporting vegan and vegetarian diets). With a richer, creamier and silkier taste, ‘Creamy & Enriched’ is a great addition to any barista-style drink, cereal, milkshake or smoothie (but personally we like it in our tea!). Made with 100% pure British oats.

Plant Purity Range… Our Plant Purity range still includes our ever-loved Almond, Coconut and Soya milk, but in a new refreshed-looking pack.

PureOaty ‘Organic Barista’ … The same quality and taste of our original ‘Barista’ but now made with our organically grown gluten-free oats! You asked for it and we listened – so organic will be available in September 2022.

Glebe Farm Cereals – Porridge, Granola and Muesli… Our existing range of cereals is also being reinvigorated. The new packaging will help us communicate our story, so keep your eyes peeled for those.

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