PureOaty taken to court by Oatly

PureOaty taken to court by Oatly

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As a British brand, and as a farming business, we are proud of what we stand for and have been achieving in the last 18 months in oat milk, alongside many years of oat milling and cereal production.

But you may have seen coverage in the press about how we are being taken to court by Oatly, as they are trying to prevent us from using the name ‘PureOaty’ (a nod to the purity of our product) and our current packaging. Oatly say our name and packaging is too similar to theirs.

We have always been surprised by this, and although Oatly are much bigger than us, we do not believe we have done anything wrong. You may see the products side by side on this post and make your own conclusions.

And aside from fighting their claim as it is, there are deeper principles at play here for us as a family farming business in wanting to challenge back.

Although the court case itself should be brief and conclude today (10th June), it may take a number of weeks before we know the outcome, which is standard legal procedure.

We will update what happens when we know what the ruling is, and in the meantime will focus on what we prefer to spend time on: delivering our delicious PureOaty oat drink to discerning customers across the UK and beyond.

And we are extremely grateful and touched by the positive comments we have seen around the case about us from the coverage that appeared in the Financial Times and The Grocer amongst other titles. The support of our customers means so much to us.

Philip & Rebecca Rayner

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