PureOaty is now selling at Booths!

PureOaty is now selling at Booths!

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PureOaty is now selling at all 27 Booths stores located across Yorkshire, Lancashire, Cumbria and Cheshire.

Rebecca our Director is delighted with the new listings…

“We are absolutely thrilled with this new listing.  Booths stores champion British produce and are a driving force for sustainability, and we are right behind them. Sustainable farming is our passion and we are looking forward to getting our PureOaty out to all Booths’ customers.”

“Even so-called ‘healthy’ products can use unpronounceable ingredients and we feel that this can lead to confusion and suspicion,” says Rebecca. “If a product can be made simply with just a handful of well-known ingredients, taste great and deliver against usage requirements, why add anything else?”


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