Rebecca’s Veganuary Progress!

Rebecca’s Veganuary Progress!

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Our intrepid owner and Managing Director, Rebecca Rayner, has been taking on the Veganuary challenge to eat vegan food for the month of January. Here’s how she’s been getting on:

“I think Veganuary is a great initiative to get people thinking about their food in a new way, and there are a host of reasons why people might want to get involved. For me it’s about challenging myself and giving myself a little extra health kick – hopefully trimming off a few of the pounds that can inevitably result from Christmas (especially with our movement being restricted at the moment).

“My major concern was that I was going to be hungry a lot, but happily that hasn’t really happened. There are lots of plant-based options out there and even some treats – I can still eat some dark chocolate, for example (Green & Black’s has been a great friend) and I’ve also found suitable alcoholic drinks….so all I all I’m not sure the weight is flying off me!

“However, I feel healthy and well…and not too irritable, though I have had to stop people talking about meat in my presence, and to avert my eyes when someone near me is eating a ham sandwich!

“As you might expect, Glebe Farm oats have featured heavily in my diet! I’ve started the day with porridge topped with a variety of fruit and our PureOaty oat drink, which I’ve used in all my hot drinks throughout the day. I’ve also found some new recipes such as scrambled smashed tofu with tomato paste herbs and spices which was absolutely gorgeous – and likely to be part of my repertoire going forward.

“Top new tip: cut and freeze cabbage in a bag, then steam it. It keeps its colour and is delicious.

“All in all, Veganuary has provided some additional focus and structure to my time while we’re in lockdown. I’ve been enjoying it….and I’m just hoping to carry that vibrant spark through to the end of the month. I’ll let you know…”

Don’t forget, if you’re doing Veganuary, or know someone who is, we have a range of recipes on our website here. And good luck!

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