Research from Glebe Farm and The Grocer reveals broad adoption of plant-based drinks

Research from Glebe Farm and The Grocer reveals broad adoption of plant-based drinks

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Glebe Farm Foods has worked with leading industry publication The Grocer to commission research into customer sentiment and behaviour towards plant-based alternatives to dairy milk.

The report was built from the responses of over 2000 UK adults surveyed research agency Harris Interactive in October 2020 and it reveals some of the key dynamics influencing this growing sector.

Highlights of the study include:

  • 62% of adults report they have now bought plant-based milks at least once, and the rate of trial is highest amongst 25-34yr olds (81%)
  • Taste is one of the primary drivers of plant-based milk purchase (43%), but environmental concerns are considered almost as important (41%)
  • Over half (52%) of plant-based shoppers prefer the taste of plant-based drinks over dairy milk – they are not seen as a ‘poor relation’
  • Having a simple, ‘clean’ ingredient deck is seen as important by all age groups

The research indicates the plant-based drinks category is maturing at speed and the public are becoming more familiar with the options and benefits on offer. What’s more, over 40% of plant-based milk customers are making regular purchases which suggests these milk alternatives are becoming part of their routine grocery shopping habits.

In 2019 Glebe Farm built the UK’s only largescale oat plat in order to cater to growing demand for non-dairy options. Oats have become the fastest growing segment by volume, and Glebe Farm’s PureOaty Barista Oat Drink is the only option available to the market that is made from exclusively British Gluten Free oats. It is also never made from concentrate, a practice employed by many brands.

You can view the full research here.

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