Choc-Oaty Smoothie

Choc-Oaty Smoothie

A delicious chilled, chocolate treat. Nutritious enough to start the day or for a midday energy-boosting treat!

You can also substitute the chocolate for a handful of any berries, frozen or fresh, a banana or some nut butter. Or a combination of them all!

Freeze 200ml PureOaty to make about 8 iced cubes at least 4 hours before you start.


  • 50g of gluten free porridge oats
  • 200ml PureOaty for soaking
  • 200ml PureOaty for ice cubes
  • 2 tablespoons cocoa or cacoa powder
  • 1-2 tablespoons maple syrup/honey/Agave syrup (or whatever you have in the cupboard)



Soak the porridge oats in 200ml of PureOaty for an hour or more, or overnight if you prefer.


Put the soaked oats into a jug or blender along with all of the other ingredients - except the syrup and the PureOaty ice cubes.


Blitz it up! You should get a good head of froth.


Add the syrup little by little to taste.


Pour into 2 glasses and add a few PureOaty ice cubes to keep it cool. Enjoy!