Glebe Farm Bulks Up For Oat Drink Sales

Glebe Farm Bulks Up For Oat Drink Sales

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Our PureOaty oat drink is now available in a 1,000lt pallecon format for manufacturers and caterers looking for a professional grade oat drink at high volume.

As the movement towards plant-based alternatives to dairy gathers pace and Brexit once again looms on our horizon, we are now able to supply our gluten free oat drink in bulk, ideal for those wanting to take a slice of the oat market.

Rebecca Rayner, Managing Director of Glebe Farm Foods outlines the reasons behind the scale up,

“With the opening of the new oat drink plant at our farm in Cambridgeshire, we have set ourselves up for future growth in this area. This is the first and only oat drink plant of this scale in the UK  and so the next step was always going to be to provide a bulk delivery service for other businesses to profit from.  The 1,000lt pallecon format is the most efficient and sustainable method for us to do this. 

We’re seeing new oat based products launching every week, from yoghurt to ice cream and even oat based cheese, so offering this British-made product made with only 4 natural ingredients taps into all the trends that we see in the industry – and it has the added benefit of being gluten free too”

In addition to the expansion in the plant based market, the trends of clean eating and buying British continue to permeate Brits’ purchasing habits and the Glebe Farm Foods oat drink ticks all of these boxes. Only four ingredients are used in the recipe; British gluten free oats, water, sunflower oil and a pinch of salt.  The oat drink is never made from concentrate and doesn’t contain any preservatives or other ingredients to bulk out the formulation – plus, the oats are milled on the farm in Cambridgeshire.  The pallecons are aimed at food manufacturers, bakeries, caterers etc. looking for bulk supply. Additionally, to tap into the organic trend, there is a gluten free organic oat drink in development that will also be available in pallecons or standard 1 litre Tetra Paks.  The oat drink complements Glebe Farm’s range of granola and porridge flakes that are also available in bulk and supplied to cereal brands and retailers seeking gluten free peace of mind.

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