Food Trends and Intolerance – Glebe Farm on the Radio

Food Trends and Intolerance – Glebe Farm on the Radio

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The Word is out! Rebecca Rayner was asked to join Norman Knapper on his evening radio show.. The discussion started with food trends seen over last 30 years. There has been a swing from the 1990’s low fat, high fibre to 10 years later low carbs eg Aitkins diet, to today’s interest in high protein, more vegetarian meals consumed, and food intolerances.

Followinng on from this: what is gluten? what are the signs of being gluten intolerance compared to wheat intolerance? Actual diagnosed coeliacs are 1% of the population whilst a further 9% feel better or avoid wheat or gluten as a lifestyle choice.

We are also seeing dairy free trends and ‘veganism’ with up to 9% in the UK actively reducing meat consumption. Why is this? Is meat becoming a treat? What is a flexitarian?

Today there are Wholegrains and there are Ancient grains such as Quinoa, Chia, Spelt with Oats are becoming ever more popular.

The old enemy: Diabetes and reducing our sugar intake. What alternative sugars are out there and where do they come from.?

Who are making these products? Are they small innovative players or large multinationals.

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