Glebe Farm


Here at Glebe Farm, we have worked hard to produce gluten free cereals, flours, bread and cake mixes and alcoholic beverages without compromise for your enjoyment. Glebe Farm are trusted growers and millers since 1970 based in Cambridgeshire. The breakfast cereals are made with pure wholegrain oats and are nature’s perfect start to the day.

The Glebe Farm flours and cake mixes produce lighter, moist cakes and are easy to use. The bread mixes can be made by hand or bread machine. See the recipe section for some simple and easy ideas.

There are two gluten free beers: Night Mission and Wellington Bomber Porter.
The Night Mission tastes like, well, a proper English ale and the new Wellington Porter beer is a dark beer with roasted malted flavour. Delicious!

There is a huge choice with Glebe Farm’s Cambridgeshire Side-R ciders. There is regular flavour ciders: sweet, medium and dry and more interestingly, flavoured ciders with elderflower, strawberry, ginger etc! Althought cider made from the apples and the flavourings are naturally gluten free, these ciders have not been tested for gluten.

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