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Food Trends and Intolerance – Glebe Farm on the Radio

The Word is out! Rebecca Rayner was asked to join Norman Knapper on his evening radio show.. The discussion started with food trends seen over last 30 years. There has been a swing from the 1990’s low fat, high fibre to 10 years later low carbs eg Aitkins diet, to today’s interest in high protein, more vegetarian meals consumed, and food intolerances.

Followinng on from this: what is gluten? what are the signs of being gluten intolerance compared to wheat intolerance? Actual diagnosed coeliacs are 1% of the population whilst a further 9% feel better or avoid wheat or gluten as a lifestyle choice.

We are also seeing dairy free trends and ‘veganism’ with up to 9% in the UK actively reducing meat consumption. Why is this? Is meat becoming a treat? What is a flexitarian?

Today there are Wholegrains and there are Ancient grains such as Quinoa, Chia, Spelt with Oats are becoming ever more popular.

The old enemy: Diabetes and reducing our sugar intake. What alternative sugars are out there and where do they come from.?

Who are making these products? Are they small innovative players or large multinationals.

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Harvest 2015 at Glebe Farm

combine unloading oats into trailerOur 30 year old combine has done us proud! She has had a new face lift and had a new drum this summer and some new electrics.

This year we bought a special rape knife – it is an extension to the combine head so that when the combine cuts the rape, the seeds go on to the table and through the combine rather than on to the field.

rebecca inspecting cropOilseed rape and spring oat yields have been pleasing but unfortunately the yield meter broke so we are only guessing!

Rather than delay harvest we bypassed the yield weigher and carried on combining. We can only judge by the frequency of trailers being emptied and by the number of lorry loads of rape being carted away.

david infront of combine
David Chambers is leading the team and is on the combine.

Ted and Mick are tractor driving. They are three ‘old timers’ but …with heaps of experience. David was at Glebe Farm when he was 15 year, then left, and returned to us when my father died in 1994.  He has now celebrated 20 years with us so I gave him a present. He has now done 48 harvests and certainly knows the combine inside and out!

mick on tractor smilingBen, our young recruit has started on cultivations with some pigtail tines, tickling the soil to encourage weeds to chit. Later, the weeds will be killed to ensure the seed bed is as clean as possible for the next year’s crop. On a secondary note this soil movement will loosen compaction and Marc will start metal detecting soon to see if there are any WW2 aeroplane pieces. Every year the moving of the soil will bring up more finds to the surface.  Sunday 16th August marks the Pathfinder Memorial Weekend which we will follow up with a blog next time.

filming combineWe are also having some filming done at Glebe Farm moment as we combining the gluten free oats to ultimately highlight Glebe’s story of ‘farm to fork’. The filming will show the harvesting, cleaning, oat flaking, gluten free quality testing and bagging. We will then go into the kitchen to make up some gluten free recipes.

So watch this space for our new video!

~ Rebecca Rayner

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Moving on up!


Welcome to our new website.

Previously we were hosted over at, back in the days where we were only producing organic flour that was the perfect website address.

But since those days we have been pushing the boundaries in terms of gluten free and developing products that give our customers their gluten freedom.

So now, ultimately, we have out grown our old website which has brought you this website;

Now it’s still early days and we’re still getting used to this new site and all this technology so if you encounter any problems, no matter how small or annoying, PLEASE don’t hesitate to contact us at and we’ll try our hardest to help solve your issue!

We look forward to hearing from you soon 🙂

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Original Olive Oil OOO

OOO Company Olive OilAt Glebe Farm, we like supporting local businesses, such as the Cambridgeshire apple growers to make Side-R.

Recently we met another local “foody”; Rob Marsden at the Tastes of Anglia event at Elveden.

Rob is from Broughton, which is the adjacent village to Kings Ripton and is also blessed with a great pub, The Crown, where Rob organises local Food and Drink Festivals.

His partner Pam, is Cypriot and they produce olive oil from their family farm in the coastal village of Pervolia, Cyprus. They use a local ‘Cyprus’ olive variety that is nurtured by both temperature and the warm sea breeze.

Their Olive Oil is called ‘OOO’ and, as he tells me, rhymes with zoo and stands for Original Olive Oil. It’s also the sound you make when you try it!”

The olives are handpicked, unfiltered and cold pressed in the village (single estate!) before being sent to the UK for serving at your table.

Its taste is unique. “A fruity, smooth and naturally rich olive oil with just a hint of a peppery finish”. Delicious drizzled over salad, as a dipper for bread and for everyday cooking.

Check out Rob’s OOO company on: – 5000 years young!

Gebe Farm are offering OOO Olive Oil for 500ml bottles at £7.50 and the smaller 100ml for £3.00

~ Rebecca Rayner