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I tried your seeded sub rolls for the first time yesterday while having soup and bread for lunch in the cafe at Caulke Abbey in Derbyshire.

I was astounded when I tried the bread it was so soft and tasty and was convinced that they had made a mistake and given me ‘normal’ bread in error. When I asked them to double check they showed me the packaging and explained that they get all their gluten free bread from your company.

I just wanted to say well done and thank you. I have been coeliac for 3 years and have never tasted such excellent bread. I hope that your company continues to grow.

Thanks again

An E-mail sent to us from Caroline Blanksby

Dear Glebe farm gluten free,

This is just a little note to explain why I wrote this letter and whats inside. Me and my family where talking about the different brands that we love over dinner and decided as we all like drawing and doing little d.i.y projects that we would draw the logos of our favourite family brands and yours was one we love so much. We also wanted to create something to say thank your for making our kids happy with your amazing and extremely tasty products. I really hope you love what we’ve done and hope you have a wonderful day. x

The Bishop and Mckenz House

Dear Glebe Farm,

Oh my your Carrot Cake Mix is lush, so light and fluffy it’s extremely tasty and goes down well with a cup of tea, my boy’s are always pleased when I make it.

My children are looking forward to trying some of your other products.

My youngest has sent some stickers to say thanks you for your lovely cake mixes.

The Reader Family

Birthday cake made by Jenny from Hertfordshire for her Daughters 8th Birthday using Glebe Farm’s Gluten Free Chocolate Cake mix. All the family got involved, either making, blowing out the candles or eating!