Side-R Cambridgeshire Cider

Our “Side-R” is Cider made only from apples grown within the county of Cambridgeshire.

Traditionally the county was always a major fruit growing region in the country for years supplying many of the superb apple varieties cooking and eating.

As the world shrank in the 1980’s and more and more foreign imports flooded into the country, the significance of the county’s fruit began to flounder. Many growers came out of fruit growing, ripping up the orchards and turning the land over to other, more profitable arable crops.

However, a few orchards survived and apart from a bit of resurgence in interest in traditional English Apple varieties, some people found a good business in Apple Juice and now Cider!

We think this may have started when people kept some of the juice a bit too long and it started to ferment!

Side-R Cider Flavours:

  • Dry Cider
  • Medium Cider
  • Sweet Cider
  • Medium Cider with Elderflower – The favourite. Refreshing and light. A natural fermented cider using eating and cooking apples varieties. Then sweetened with apple juice and a natural Elderflower cordial.
  • Medium Cider with Blackcurrant – A Cambridgeshire Cider flavoured with a natural blackcurrant flavour. Think of an adult’s Ribena with a kick! Lets you step back to childhood, but only a touch!
  • Medium Cider with Ginger – A Cambridgeshire Cider with a strong ginger bite. Like a bite to your drink then this is the one!
  • Summer Punch – A Cambridgeshire Cider sweetened with subtle red berry flavours with a ginger finish. Great for a summer’s evening out in the garden. Fruity nose with a subtle ginger bite.
  • Medium Cider with Spiced – This fruity spiced cider is great in front of the fire on a winter’s evening, and glow from the inside!
  • Medium Cider with Strawberry – Sweet Cider flavoured with juicy Strawberries. Perfect in a tall glass with plenty of ice. Great for thirst quenching on sunny days.
  • Medium Cider with Cherry – A Cider made only with Cambridgeshire Apples with a natural cherry flavour. A rich velvet texture. Great for meat dishes or strong flavours.
  • Medium Cider with Lime – This Cambridgeshire Cider certainly mixes sweet and sour! Sweetened lemons make the cider burst with zing. Great for a summer’s evening out in the garden. Fabulous lemony nose and flavours.
  • Medium Cider with Raspberry – A Cambridgeshire Cider flavoured with juicy Raspberries. A gorgeous light fruity cider which is perfect in a tall glass with plenty of ice. Great for hot sunny days.
  • Medium Cider with Fruit Burst – A Cambridgeshire Cider bursting with rich flavours of Fruits of the Forest. Red Fruit heaven. Serve chilled.