Glebe Farm Gluten Free Wellington Bomber Porter 330ml

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Product Description

This Wellington Bomber Porter is naturally brewed and is dark in colour with roasted malts.

This beer has brewed in memory of heroes as Glebe Farm has historical links to WWII; a Wellington Bomber crashed at Glebe Farm. Today any interesting discoveries of the Wellington are taken to the Pathfinder Museum at RAF Wyton, which is adjacent to Glebe Farm.

ALC 5.0% VOL

Tasting notes

Wellington Bomber Porter is a British style dark porter. It is dark beer with flavours of roasted malt, coffee and has subtle chocolate finish. It is mouth watering beer that is delicious smooth.

It is suitable for coeliacs, and is tested, approved and certified by Coeliac UK. Wellington Bomber Porter does contain malted barley however is <5ppm gluten and is wheat free.

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