Gluten Free Beer

At Glebe Farm we have mastered the art of making Gluten Free Beer. We bring you two gluten free beers: one Real Ale (Night Mission) and one Porter (Wellington Bomber). Both are traditional British flavours and linked with Glebe Farm’s historical links with the WWII planes buried underground.

Night Mission Gluten Free Beer

Night Mission (formally known as ‘Pathfinder’) is a PROPER Gluten Free beer which actually tastes like, well ENGLISH Beer and not like a lager!

The name ‘Night Mission’ comes about from Glebe Farm’s historical links to the famous WWII pathfinder squadrons.

The farmland is adjacent to RAF Wyton, the HQ of the Pathfinder Force. There are remnants of crashed aircraft in our fields including a recently discovered Mosquito and Wellington! There is the belief that there may also be a Sterling and an US Meteor as well.

The Pathfinder Force were flown by the most experienced aircrew who dropped flairs with great accuracy on that night’s target as markers for the following bomber stream.

The Pathfinder Force won several Victoria Crosses but suffered many losses. It contributed to the war effort significantly shortened World War II.


Wellington Bomber Gluten Free Porter


On 2nd September 1942 a Wellington Bomber crashed in the fields of Glebe Farm. The plane set off from Warboys, 4 miles away and crashed shortly after take-off. It was heavily laden with bombs and six crew, heading towards Saarbrucken in Germany. Unfortunately out of the six men on board, only three survived and are buried locally.

Today only small fragments of the Wellington remain. Any interesting discoveries get taken to the Pathfinder Museum at RAF Wyton, which is adjacent to the farm.

This Wellington Bomber Porter is naturally brewed and is dark in colour with roasted malts. It is suitable for coeliacs, is tested against the Elisa test and is approved and certified.

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