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New Glebe Farm Gluten Free Oat Building

The-engineers-Jason-and-Paul-are-going-strongAt Glebe Farm we are in the midst of installing our new gluten free oat shed and the end is in sight.

David-Lorryman-has-joined-us-recently-in-the-officeThe engineers Jason and Paul are going strong (pictured in blue overalls) and David Lorryman has joined us recently in the office to purchase the new machinery.

New-Glebe-Farm-Gluten-Free-Oat-Processing-Mill-4Gluten Free Porridge Sales are good with this cold weather as folk are tucking into their hearty breakfasts.

New-Glebe-Farm-Gluten-Free-Oat-Processing-Mill-1We are just in the process of installing more solar panels (photo of green sheds) and should be well on our way to be carbon neutral very soon.

New-Glebe-Farm-Gluten-Free-Oat-Processing-Mill-2We are all very excited as the new mill will hope to meet the rapidly growing demand for gluten free porridge oats and oat flour.

We hope to make new types of gluten free oats in 2015.

Even-the-local-wildlife-are-looking-interestedEven the local wildlife are looking interested!

~ Rebecca Rayner